Adolpho Rivera

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Adolpho Rivera was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico and raised in Las Vegas. He came to BVR on April 2, 2004, looking for services that could help him find employment. He was referred to BVR by his therapist who told him that BVR would help to keep him going. In the back of his mind, he thought about going to college, but he wasn’t really sure if he was cut out for school. Finally, his counselor sent him for vocational testing which revealed he had an IQ of 114 and that he could be successful in school. That testing gave him the hope and courage that he needed to pursue a college degree of someday becoming a schoolteacher.

Adolpho sustained an L-1 spinal cord injury which left him Paraplegic. He had to deal with the possibility of never being able to work again; however, he never gave up hope. With the aid of his wheelchair and his own vehicle, Adolpho manages to get his daily tasks done and is always on time for all of his appointments.  

Through many trials and tribulations, Adolpho has finally come to the end of a long journey. He has always found a way to conquer classes and successfully move on. He has now graduated earning his Bachelor of Science in secondary education/social studies and a bachelor’s in liberal arts and history. Adolpho is a leader and an icon of what a person with a disability can achieve if they believe in themselves and never give up.

Adolpho has successfully secured employment CCSD. He is working from home for CCSD (Family Support Center); working with the children to help them with whatever they need, (Computers or Internet). He is working 20-hours a week at $122.00 a day at four days a week. Adolpho considers working CCSD his dream job. This has been accomplished through persistence, hard work, and believing in himself, 2004 to 2022.

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