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We’re At Work For Disability Inclusion.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Nevada supports adults and students with disabilities to prepare for, obtain, keep and advance in meaningful employment through a range of services based on their employment goals. Our agency also provides FREE professional consultation services to connect employers with people with disabilities who can help drive business success.


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It’s Not Just A Job
It’s Independence And Purpose

Employment can help individuals with disabilities lead productive and more independent lives. We provide individualized coaching, counseling and employment plans for Nevadans with disabilities based on their strengths, interests and capabilities. We also offer guidance to teachers and families, as well as individualized support for students as they transition from high school and college to becoming independent adults.

what we offer

Work Skills & Readiness

Personalized skills development for individuals with disabilities. Internship and apprenticeship programs. On-the-job training, work shadowing and technical assistance.

Recruiting Support

Meet with employers to determine business needs. Refer prescreened, qualified candidates. Provide access to tax and other credits, deductions, and on-the-job training funds.

Student Services

Helping young people make the transition from high school and college to employment. A team approach with school staff, VR counselors, parents and students.

Long-Term Follow-Up

Comprehensive follow-up services to ensure employer satisfaction and employee confidence. 90-day follow-along support to businesses and employees.

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VR Nevada is all about inclusion of people with disabilities. National studies show that people with disabilities make excellent employees with high levels of performance, retention, and attendance.

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VR Nevada Makes It Easy To Recruit and Retain Employees With Disabilities

We’ll meet with you to determine your specific recruitment requirements and then will refer pre-screened, qualified job candidates matching those requirements. Our assistance to your company includes work-readiness skills development, customized on-the-job training strategies, guidance and technical assistance, and assessments of the need for assistive technology. We provide quality support throughout the recruiting process, as well as comprehensive follow-up services. Businesses that hire people with disabilities are eligible for tax and other credits, tax deductions, and work opportunity credits, and VR Nevada can help your company access these incentives. We also offer education and training on disability issues and workplace accessibility for your company’s management and employees.

Looking For Talented Employees?

We Can Help

National studies show that people with disabilities make excellent employees. They provide qualities that employers seek, including adaptability and resourcefulness. Disability is also diversity, and therefore a component of workplace equity and inclusion.

But not all employers know how to effectively recruit and retain such individuals.

VR Nevada, a division of the Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation, makes it simple. We connect employers with reliable and qualified employees who can help drive business success.

We provide one-on-one counseling and customized employment plans to help Nevadans realize their employment goals.

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Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meetings

Two Town Hall meetings held by Vocational Rehabilitation Nevada in November 2023 provided a successful platform for collaboration and open dialog among VR Nevada administrators and community partners, clients, staff, and...

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VR Awards for Hiring People with Disabilities

VR Awards for Hiring People with Disabilities

Enrique Pichardo, GM of Sephora Distribution CTR in Las Vegas. Jack Robb, Director of Administration On Thursday September 7th and Friday September 8th, 2023 the State’s Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) held...

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Latest News

client testimonials

“VR helped me gain confidence as a person with disabilities, to get out & build myself up so I can be self supportive”


“VR Nevada felt like a very compassionate space to get assistance. It’s so nice to have that touchstone of support.”


“I tell my coworkers, if you would have known me two years ago, I was a completely different person. VR made me set goals.”


“There are people at Vocational Rehabilitation that care, it’s just the little things that they say along the way that help you get through.”



“It is the collaborative effort that paves the path to overwhelming success.
Simply, we are just better together.”

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