Megan Jones

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Megan Jones stands outside wearing her work ID lanyard smiling

Megan Jones has several impediments to employment having been diagnosed with autism, an anxiety disorder, atrial flutter, ankle reconstruction, and a seizure disorder. Megan applied to Vocational Rehabilitation to receive assistance with obtaining and maintaining a job that would not require her to perform the prolonged standing & walking that had been required in her previous jobs. At the time Megan applied, she was working at Sprouts Grocery Store. Megan needed a more sedentary job to coincide with her functional limitations.

Vocational Rehabilitation delivered what Megan came for. In order to evaluate her clerical work strengths and weaknesses, Megan participated in a Clerical Work Assessment at Opportunity Village. When she was getting ready to exit this assessment, Crystal Kamber, her rehabilitation counselor was notified that Opportunity Village wanted to extend Megan’s assessment a few more weeks so they could assess if they wanted to hire her. Crystal approved this additional time in the assessment for further evaluation.

As a result of the additional evaluation time, Megan was able to prove her professionalism and ability to work at a productive rate. On 2/10/20, Opportunity Village hired Megan to work as a Prep Specialist, having the clerical duties of getting documents prepared for scanning. She was such great worker that her supervisor asked her to assist her co-workers with quality control, assisting them to work error-free. Megan enjoys assisting her co-workers in doing their jobs correctly.

On 3/19/20, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Megan was placed on Paid Time Off along with her Co-workers to minimize the spread of this Virus. On 5/18/20 her employer asked her to come back and she has continued to enjoy her job, utilizing personal protective equipment and personal safety training ever since.

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