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Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

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Aleisha Geiss applied for services in November of 2014. She had suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury resulting from a drowning event at age three. As a result, Aleisha developed a learning disability impacting reading comprehension, writing skills, and her general walking ability was impacted. Aleisha wore wrist braces to strengthen the weakness in her wrists and hands. Although Aleisha was successful in raising her daughter, she had been unable to begin a career due to the impacts of her disabilities. Once her daughter reached an age that Aleisha could again consider employment, her treating physician encouraged her to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. Working with her VR counselor, a rehabilitation plan was developed, and she successfully completed the training required for employment. Unfortunately, she was unable to complete that plan due to an unexpected foot surgery which ultimately kept her from doing the extensive walking as is required for a CNA.

Guidance and counseling provided by her rehabilitation counselor helped Aleisha choose work as an administrative assistant which was a job she could physically perform. She completed a clerical training program preparing her for work with needed accommodations. While seeking employment, Aleisha and her counselor determined she lacked sufficient work experiences for some jobs, so her counselor suggested she volunteer. Aleisha developed a volunteer job and soon met the experience requirements for her desired administrative employment. During this time, VR was also able to pay for driver’s training which resulted in Aleisha getting her driver’s license and improving her level of travel independence. Support services for gas, interview and work clothing were also provided as needed.

Aleisha received significant assistance from the Job Development staff preparing her for jobs specifically within the 700-Hour Program. This would include resume and interview assistance which allowed her to obtain quality employment. Aleisha obtained employment in February through the 700-Hour Program working for a state agency as an Administrative Assistant. Her progress has been monitored regularly since then and she continues to enjoy her full-time employment allowing her to get off Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Aleisha is very happy with her new job and her new life.

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