Devin Belcher

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Devin Belcher stands in front of Sephora

Devin Belcher applied for services from the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) in May 2021. Devin was a graduate from Canyon Springs High School.  Through counseling and guidance, Devin was encouraged to participate in a soft skills class and later in a work experience. Devin made an informed choice to participate in work experiences as he was determined to gain all the skills possible to gain a permanent position. Devin exceeded expectations in his trainings and after completion of his work experience at the Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix, he was ready for competitive employment. RC then referred Devin to a job developer for job development services and after working with a job developer he found that he was getting a greater number of interviews in his chosen goal Stock Clerks and Order Fillers but was not getting job offers, so he began doubting himself.

Devin lost motivation and made an informed choice to pause the job development process. However, his counselor was able to motivate Devin through active listening and positive reinforcements. Even though, there were still challenges that needed to be overcome, Devin bounced back and was ready to resume job hunting. During this time, Devin’s counselor shared information about Sephora program and client made an informed choice to touring the site. After touring Sephora, he made an informed choice to participate in the program.  Despite the challenges and trials faced by Devin, he was able to fight back, and with BVR’s support and services, he soon discovered that he could be employed. As time went on, he was getting encouraged and began believing in himself again, especially after completing every station at Sephora successfully. Devin and his BVR counselor worked hard and thankfully after successfully meeting productivity rate in all the stations at Sephora, Devin was offered a full-time employment with benefits.

Devin’s challenge was primarily believing in himself. Devin is a perfect example of how perseverance, determination, and the assistance of BVR, can lead to positive outcomes. Devin continues to be employed at Sephora and reported that Sephora is offering him the opportunity to be certified as a forklift operator.

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