Dillon Maestrejuan

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Dillon Maestrejuan sits in a wheelchair smiling

Dillon is a young man living with Cerebral Palsy. This has affected his mobility, dexterity in his hands and his speech. Despite this, Dillon has always been very active, and is well-known in the local community for participating in community events and outdoor activities such as hunting, off-roading and photography.

Since I began working with Dillon earlier this year, I was able to develop a CBA at the local newspaper, The Humboldt Sun, which allowed Dillon to gain some experience taking photos with VR provided AT, coordinate events with the editor and get comfortable speaking with people at events using both his voice and AT.

Dillon exceeded expectations throughout the CBA. He had several pictures of events such as The Basque Festival, Rodeo and Lowry High Schoolu2019s graduation ceremony published.

Dillon now works as a Freelance Photojournalist with the Humboldt Sun. This position has allowed him the flexibility to set his own hours and schedule, earn an income while he attends community events and turn one of his passions into a career.

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