Jonathan Scott

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Jonathan Scott wears his sephora shirt

Jonathan Scott began Vocational Rehabilitation services in May 2020. When he first started services Jonathan stated he has been searching for job/career that would be a good fit with his disability and be a livable wage. Jonathan’s disability is Asperger’s and he stated he works best with routine, so he was seeking Warehouse opportunities. Vocational Rehabilitation’s program with Sephora was the first program discussed and Jonathan was thrilled about the opportunity. Not only was it a Warehouse position but his counselor stated the pay is $15 an hour once employed. This was the desired wage Jonathan was looking for.

Jonathan struggled in the past to find a job that was a good match for him. His previous work experience consisted of being a Sign Spinner. Jonathan stated he dreaded that position once summertime came around since it is outdoors. Jonathan was not satisfied in that position since there was no room for growth and he stated he felt stuck in having to keep the position as a Sign Spinner since it was his only option at the time.

Jonathan began the training program at Sephora and he stated from day one he knew this was the opportunity he had been hoping for. Jonathan’s go-getter personality shined at Sephora and after his training he was hired on full-time. Jonathan thanked his counselor continuously for the opportunity to work at Sephora because even he noticed the difference in his positive attitude. He stated he felt more confident and hopeful about his future. He is now able to work toward his goal of living on his own.

Jonathan continues to state that his goals became possible because of Sephora since they were the first employer to acknowledge his strengths and helped them shine. His supervisors and co-workers at Sephora had countless patience and encouragement with Jonathan when he needed the additional support. Jonathan also shared it is the little things that Sephora does that makes the world of difference. Such as providing the staff with t-shirts and tumblers. He stated it makes him feel appreciated and proud to go to work.

The Sephora program has helped Jonathan grow into a new person with confidence. His loves for his job can be seen in the picture he shared for this story. When his counselor first met Jonathan, he was very shy and timid but when it comes to talking about Sephora he lights up. Jonathan can be seen in his picture with a smile on his face that speaks louder than words

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