Joslyn Christman

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

When Joslyn joined Vocational Rehab in 2019, she was seeking a resource to help her pursue further education while transitioning to a new career. The agency recognized her potential and supported her throughout the application process, ensuring she qualified for their assistance.

Jake Merrill, a VR Nevada counselor, provided Joslyn with personalized guidance and support. With his compassionate heart and counseling background, Jake built a strong rapport with Joslyn. He continuously checked in on her well-being, treating her not just as a client but as a fellow human being.

Joslyn’s determination and hard work shone through as she excelled in her classes. Knowing that she was making progress brought immense satisfaction to Jake, who took pride in helping her improve her situation and pursue a brighter future.

The hallmark of VR Nevada’s service is their unwavering commitment to communication and responsiveness. Joslyn always received prompt and helpful assistance whenever she reached out via email or phone calls. The agency’s commitment to being there for her every step of the way became evident as she progressed towards her vocational goal.

Now in her second year at UNR, Joslyn is on the cusp of giving back to the community in her new profession. Thanks to the support and resources provided by VR Nevada, she will soon begin working with clients and making a positive impact in their lives. Joslyn is immensely grateful to VR Nevada for not only helping her but also enabling her to extend a helping hand to others.

As VR Nevada continues its mission to support individuals like Joslyn, their commitment to making a difference remains unwavering. Through personalized counseling, comprehensive resources, and ongoing support, they continue to change lives, one success story at a time.

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