Nicholas Becerra

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Nicholas Becerra applied for services on 10/01/13 for assistance with finding employment. At the time he was working as a sign waver for 3 hours a week and hated the job, but would not quit until he found something else. He was accompanied by his father, who did a lot of the talking, as Nicholas was diagnosed with Autism and does not talk much.

At this time, BVR was working with High Sierra Industries, piloting a program called Pathways. Nicholas was very excited about the program; he was referred and accepted. Pathways is a 90-day job readiness program that assists with preparing clients for employment, assessing for strengths, interests and matching them with careers.

Nicholas was tested for typing and found he had an aptitude for office skills. At that time, High Sierra was also working on an employment program with Renown. His skills were assessed through Renown and he was found to be a good fit for a clerk 1 position. Recently, he was promoted and received a raise. I am fortunate to see Nicholas every day as he gets off the bus to go to work with big smile on his face. His father recently told me that when Nicholas goes past his last job as a sign waver, he is grateful to have his current job.

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