Robert Sandoz

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Robert Sandoz Sits wearing a cowboy hat holding a fishing pole

Robert Sandoz graduated from Elko High School in 2019. Robert has a very supportive and loving mother and father who are very strong advocates for developing Robert’s independence. Robert’s disability is a Mobility Orthopedic/Neurological Impairment due to a stroke when he was in his mother’s womb. He uses a cane to walk since the left side of his body is partially paralyzed. Irrespective of Robert’s condition, he is an avid outdoor person who enjoys hunting and fishing in the Elko area. Robert weekly rides a horse at Ruby Mountain Riding which he has done for years.

Robert first became involved with Voc Rehab through his VR Transition Coordinator when he was attending Elko High School. Robert participated in Pre-employment Transition Services classes before he graduated. Once Robert became a client of Voc Rehab, he expressed a desire to work in broadcast and radio. He and his Voc Rehab Counselor together built a plan for employment based on informed choice. While working with his job developer, Robert was able to land a position at Ruby Radio, where he is currently employed and successfully rehabilitated. Robert enjoys the variety of tasks the job provides, such as putting music into the player, clerical tasks supporting marketing campaigns and fielding phone calls. Robert currently earns $8.25 per hour part time at 10 hours a week, because he is also receiving Supplemental Security Income from Social Security.

Robert benefited from VR services including counseling and guidance, job placement assistance and job readiness training. He is now in a Post-Employment plan and may need some job coaching and work related clothing. Robert continues to thrive, and we know he will develop and grow the longer he remains with the company. His Voc Rehab Counselor continues to provide Robert counseling and guidance to support his employment.

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