Sean Barnhill

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Sean Barnhill smiles wearing a lanyard and tie

Sean Barnhill is a success story through the support of the 700 hour program. Sean applied for vocational rehabilitation services 2/2021 and was interested in finding stable employment that would minimize his physical barriers and provide the stability he needed both financially and that would meet his medical/insurance needs.  Due to his disability and physical limitations Sean needed a sedentary environment to thrive and utilize his skills. RC quickly realized that Sean was very motivated, had many skills, past employment experiences that would be beneficial to state employment, office environments, and he was eager to participate in services. Sean made it a point to inform that he sought me out as a counselor as his friend had a previous good experience and outcome going through the program. RC realized client wanted to move quickly and efficiently to achieve his vocational goal.

Through multiple appointments, phone conversations, email correspondence, ongoing counseling and guidance, and with vocational exploration we were able to quickly complete plan and service provisions. Sean took advantage of a soft skills training, job seeking skills workshop, and as discussions about the 700 hour continued we both realized that this was a really good fit, would minimize barriers, create the stability he is looking for, and would allow opportunities for growth once completed and permanent status obtained.

As Sean came to VR for employment assistance, he was referred to the Internal Job Development (IJD) team and had his first appointment with the IJD on 6/24/21. They started working on his Success Factor profile for the 700 HR program. Sandra saw right away from the first appointment Sean was determined to get a job with the state of NV and get on the 700 HR list. Sandra, worked with him creating and editing his SMART21 profile, created a customized resume, did interview practice, and taught him how to promote his skills and not his disability. Sean gained confidence and felt empowered by all the tools that he learned. Sean took everything that was taught and applied his new skills in his employment. RC was involved in communications with his employer to ensure accommodations were provided to minimize his barriers allowing him to find stability.  Sean continued to learn and grow, always had a positive attitude, and was determined to change his life. Sean was hired on as State of NV – DWSS (Welfare and Supportive Services) Office as an Administrative Assistant I where he continues to thrive. He felt so excited about this opportunity and appreciated all the assistance from the agency and received positive praise from his employer back in January 2022, “Sean Barnhill is soon approaching the 700 hours and he should be completing this on 2/16/2021. I have given Sean his 3 month evaluation and he is a good fit for this office.  Sean is doing a very good job with all of the essential functions.”

A teamwork approach with Sean was able to maximize efforts, opportunities, and capitalize on his skills the most which ultimately led to a positive outcome. Sean continues to thrive and has always been appreciative of the efforts and services provided by the agency.

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