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The monthly Low Vision Clinic at Vocational Rehabilitation is operated under the supervision of a fully licensed Optometrist who has had special training in low vision. They conduct interviews and solicit pertinent visual, medical and functional information of individuals with low vision to identify their history of vision loss, background information and the individual’s needs and goal(s) to determine how their low vision is affecting activities in the workplace and activities of daily living. They then conduct eye exams and testing to verify the diagnosis of the level of vision remaining and how efficiently the individual is using their vision.

Exams may include: Exterior and internal eye examinations, Visual and Central acuity (includes lighting analysis) and visual field testing, objective and subjective tests, tests of eye coordination and muscle function, color vision tests and Glaucoma tests to determine which techniques and what devices are appropriate for the level of vision and what will be most effective for the individual’s needs and goal(s).

As appropriate and as authorized by the Rehabilitation Counselor, the clinician will prescribe low vision aids, visual rehabilitation techniques, or specialized training to help improve visual functioning. Examples include, but are not limited to, adaptive equipment such as: Adaptive computer equipment, adaptive tools, low vision aids, mobility aids, custom lighting, closed circuit television systems, electronic reading systems, filters, independent living devices, large print, magnifiers, prescription eyewear, and special optical lenses.

These services are provided at no cost to eligible Vocational Rehabilitation/Services to the Blind and Visually Impaired/Older Blind clients.

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