Brendan Hanlon

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Brendan smiles

Brendan applied for BVR services and was deemed eligible in February 2019.  He came to us with diagnoses of autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and with the challenges these pose in communications and relationships.  

Shortly after graduating from the American Preparatory Academy in 2019, he and his family decided it would be best for him to reside in a Desert Regional Center (DRC) Residential Placement.  Although it was quite an adjustment living with 3 other roommates, he excelled and was able to participate in our Student Youth Internship Program (SYIP) and in CRAVE Camp that summer.  This led to his determination to attend the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV).  Despite concerns that he might be more successful at CSN due to all the life transitions he was going through, he started UNLV in the Fall of 2019.  He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with the wrap around supports offered by our Campus Connections Program over the past three years. 

Brendan continues to make the most of the services we offer including soft skills, job exploration and job seeking skills training, and he continues to attend our SYIP every year, where he is highly regarded by his supervisors/employers.  He has made the Dean’s List at UNLV and will be a Senior this Fall.  He is socially active and spends time playing basketball, studying, and making new friends.  He has worked to increase his independence and is living in his own apartment through the Supportive Living Program at DRC.  

Brendan’s goal is to obtain his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice next year and to obtain employment as a Forensic Scientist.   He feels this opportunity and other SYIP opportunities have allowed him to build a strong foundation for his long-term goals.   Brendan has had a lot of challenges in his life, but he takes life one-day-at-a-time and is very motivated and excited to continue following his dream of working in the Criminal Justice field.

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