Hannah McNary

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Hannah stands in front of the volunteer animal shelter

Hannah McNary came to Vocational Rehabilitation services in the December of 2020 in the middle of COVID requesting help to find a job. Hannah had an unsuccessful case from 2013 and had a strong desire to have a new case for Vocational Rehabilitation to help her find a job. She successfully completed a community assessment at Out of Egypt. A thrift store that uses the funds from their store to purchase food which they use in their Food Pantry to help people who cannot afford food in the Fallon Community.

Hannah wanted a job working with animals, but these types of jobs are limited and usually hire people with lots of experience. Hannah agreed to volunteer at FAWG which cares for stray and abandon Cats. She did this while doing her community work assessment. Hannah did so well at her Work Assessment that the staff of Out of Egypt approved to hire her in their store. With the help of Expanding Life Hannah started a job with Out of Egypt and continued to work as a volunteer at FAWG. Her Job Coach Rhonda LaFontaine helped Hannah successfully complete her 90 days for Vocational Rehabilitation and her case was close successfully by her counselor Alan Christensen.

Hannah still works at Out of Egypt as a cashier and is a main volunteer at FAWG and helps with their website to improve the lives of Cats in Churchill County. Hannah is very happy with her job and feels that she is really giving back to the community where she lives through her job and her volunteer work.

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