Lawrence Faulk

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Lawrence smiles with his arms crossed

Lawrence Faulk applied for BVR services in March 2021. Due to covid-19, he wanted to start over. He left Ohio and moved to Las Vegas to be closer to his sister. Lawrence was working with Ohio Disability Agency, where he was diagnosed with Bipolar which created a barrier for him. Due to his disability, he also received social security benefits of $800 a month. He maintained his ability to focus on employment with the help of medication and following his doctor’s treatment plans. Lawrence has used his disability as motivation to push through any obstacle that comes his way.

Lawrence learned about BVR through his counselor in Ohio. When he arrived in Las Vegas, he began seeking employment as a substitute teacher. Lawrence has over 18yrs of experience as a substitute teacher, working with k-12th grade. He completed the application process with Clark County School District (CCSD) to become a substitute teacher. He was able to pay for the Nevada state licensure needed for employment with CCSD on his own. When he began working with BVR, He was focused on obtaining assistance with clothing and any other items that may be needed for him to gain employment with CCSD.

While pursuing CCSD, Lawrence was consistent and persistent in reaching his goal. During the application process for CCSD, he had to undergo an intensive background check and provide references. During the reference check, it began to prolong the process since CCSD required an email address, and Lawrence had to reach out to his references to obtain updated information. While being patient with CCSD, he began working part-time as a delivery driver at Domino’s Pizza to make ends meet.

After going through a 7-month process with CCSD, he was hired at CCSD on Oct 20, 2021, as a full-time substitute teacher. With the help of VR, he received vocational counseling, guidance, and clothing assistance needed to maintain his employment with CCSD. Lawrence successfully closed his file in Jan 2021. Lawrence has been positive and never let anything get in his way. He has been thankful for all the support BVR has provided him, which helped him boost his self-confidence in the classroom. Lawrence has made a significant increase in his income and no longer needs the assistance of SSI benefits. Being able to use his experience to do what he loves and seeing children’s growth is what Lawrence loves about his career. Beginning in Fall 2022, he will pursue a Master of Early Childhood Education at UNLV to become a permanent teacher within CCSD.

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