Mrs. W-H

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Mrs WH stands with her red tipped white cane near a vintage truck on the beach smiling

The independent living older blind-program provides rehabilitation services to enable individuals who are blind or visually impaired age 55 and above to have more self-reliance in their homes and community. In 2021, Mrs. W-H a 67-year-old female diagnosed with optic atrophy and is legally blind since age 4 reached out to BSBVI for services. Mrs. W-H developed her career in helping others and is now retired from her position as a project director for a parent training and information center that helped families of children with disabilities understand and navigate the special education and other disability systems. 

Through services provided under the independent living older blind program, Mrs. W-H received low vision and rehabilitation therapy services to assist her with independence and safety. At present, Mrs. W-H is serving as a leader and mentor in the OM Support Group.  She can walk her retired guide dog, get to and from vet and medical appointments, meet with friends and work out at the gym using paratransit and fixed bus routes across 4 counties because of the services she received from the OIB program.  She found more self-confidence and lessened her dependence on friends and family to meet her independent living needs.

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