Brian Rodriguez

Nevadans with disabilities achieving their dreams

Brian Rodriguez Stands with his blazer over his shoulder

Brian has been on a journey of growth and self-improvement, possibly without being aware of it. Brian is a returning client, this being his 4th case with Vocational Rehabilitation in Nevada. Brian Rodriguez is a 43-year-old individual with mild intellectual disability. With each case, Brian has learned many valuable life lessons. He has learned the value of employment and the consequences of his actions. More importantly he has learned humility.

When Brian first started receiving services, he expected all to be done for him with little effort on his part. He had a hard exterior shell and struggled with communicating his thoughts in an appropriate and professional manner. Through support, encouragement, and real-life lessons, he started working on his approach when things did not go his way. He realized that walking off the job because he was bored, or if something didn’t go his way, was not the solution. He began to listen to the guidance he was being given by his support system. He understood that his negative behavior was not going to make things move fast or happen quickly. After being unemployed for more than 2 years, he started putting more effort than ever to secure competitive employment again as a cashier. He began to value the work and time it takes in securing employment.

Brian often spoke about wanting to work in an upscale casino. It became difficult for Brian to obtain employment on the Las Vegas strip due to not providing notice to his previous employer, MGM, about his resignation. However, through perseverance, Brian was offered a cashier position at a gift shop within the Aria Resort on the strip. Brian mentioned in past years wanting to work at a hotel like the Aria. The Aria interviewed him twice and offered him another opportunity right away! He met with HR and worked on setting a schedule that would not conflict with his social security benefits. Brian is scheduled to start his new job this July as a gift shop cashier. He has a new outlook and appreciation for being employed. He understands the work and energy that goes into obtaining employment, which will help Brian value his new employment more than ever. Brian has made significant changes throughout the years. His tone, appreciation, and gratitude are apparent. We are incredibly proud of him.

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